Visit Trebević - Lungs of Sarajevo

When it comes to Sarajevo, besides its beautiful architecture and amazing activities, it is not a city of big parks and green surfaces. 

Mostly, it's all covered in concrete, there's a lot of traffic and it sometimes makes it really hard to catch a bit of fresh air. That you need. You know. Green walls and floral balconies become a huge thing a long time ago, but if you really want to do a favor to your lungs, free your afternoon and spend time visiting Trebević, Sarajevo's closest mountain that is indeed true nature park that this city craves for.

Trebević is one of the so-called Olympic mountains since it was one of the locations that hosted Winter Olympic games in 1984 when Bosnia and Herzegovina was a part of Former Yugoslavia. Among other things, it was home to, now almost destroyed, bobsleigh track, at the time, the biggest one in Europe. Its magic was that it's going through a beautiful pine forest that now is a perfect spot for the afternoon walk.

A year ago, going to Trebević was a real hiking venture, but in Summer of 2018, the reconstruction of Sarajevo's famous cable car has been finished and now, you can go up via the cable car, enjoying amazing views to the city center and then start your walk.

Homestation to the cable car is in The Old Town, really close to The City Hall. It is really convenient to find and everybody knows where it is! One way ticket differs for residents and local people and it's, of course, a little bit more pricey for tourist and it costs around 8 euros (both ways - 10 euros). The cable car takes you a little bit above the bobsled track and gives you the amazing view of the city! Perfect for Instagram shots!

Then, after taking a short break, proceed down through the woods, using bobsled track as your walking trail! It is full of graffiti art from the local artists. Also, a great place for photos!

After finishing the track you can choose to turn left and enjoy great food or drinks at Pino Natura hotel, or you can turn right and stroll down to the city!

The trail is marked really well and it takes you all to the city center while showing you the life of people in neighborhoods around the city, their gardens, animals, life habits and so on. It is one of the things to do in Sarajevo, don't miss it!

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