Top 5 Quirkiest Bars in Europe!

Exploring European capitals? Always in a search for an atypical and picturesque bar with equally tasty drinks? You are in the right place! Whether you're enjoying a romantic night in Paris, biking around in Copenhagen or tanning on the beaches of Barcelona, short cocktail or beer break will only improve your day!

Scroll down and find a bit of advice for some quirky bars around The Old Lady!

Goupil Le Fol/Brussel

Decided to spend a night or two in Brussels? Check out Goupil Le Fol, a strange and weird bar open as late as 3 am just a few minutes from the Grand Place. Getting through the narrow and claustrophobic entrance, you will find yourself in a bizarre bazaar of vintage portraits, old books and vinyl, and a mish-mash of taxidermies. Escape from the tourist crowds; here you can sink into an old ragged couch and sip some fruity wine while listening to Edith Piaf or Jacques Brel played from the jukebox. Not many know that this dimly lit boudoir with tiny cubbyholes on both floors was a brothel in the past and of course, there is a portrait of Prince Phillip on of the picturesque walls. Today, Goupil Le Fol is not just a charming dive bar, it is also must see in the center of Brussels. Locals will recommend drinking fruity wines but the bar also offers a couple of the amazing Belgium beers. Don't miss it!

22 Rue de la Violette, 1000 Brussels, Belgium


If your mind is more set on a casual beer than a fancy cocktail, then Ølsnedkeren is the right place for you. Visiting Copenhagen offers you numerous extraordinary opportunities but you definitely shouldn't miss this place. Most of its wonderfully eclectic interior is carefully picked from second-hand markets around Copenhagen, made by hand from recycled wood or saved from an abandoned bike shed. The bar itself offers an ever-changing and interesting selection of different beers mainly featuring Ølsnedkeren’s own amazing brews. The owners have a tradition of brewing new beers every other week so the selection is innovative and brave. Perfect for a spontaneous catch-up with friends or just a ‘quick’ beer, beer lovers, Ølsnedkeren is waiting for you!

Griffenfeldsgade 52, 2200 København, Denmark

The Cauldron Magical Cocktail Experience

You like magic? Always craved for the opportunity to brew your own magic potion? Well, at Tyou can do it! This fantasy inspired cocktail experience is waiting for you with all of its magical things. In what is truly the most unique cocktail experience in London, you will have the chance to make the impossible happen and brew your own potions with an interactive magic wand. Now, they are announcing a new Magical Experience with even more interactivity and a bigger selection of potions! Put on your wizard robe, take your magic wand, collect diverse ingredients from the storeroom and start making cocktails that smoke, bubble and change colors! 

7 Elephant Rd, London SE17 1LB, Great Britain

IceBarcelona, Barcelona

Unusual and thrilling, IceBarcelona is a full body experience because you are provided with warm clothes while entering the bar filled with ice. Almost like you are on the North Pole, the temperature is set at minus five degrees Celsius! Sculptures and ice blocks fill the interior as you shiver through this ice palace. Lighting is specifically synchronized to the scene, with wonderful hues of purples, blues, and greens that make it feel like you're looking to Northern Lights. The bar is conveniently located on the beach with a terrace facing the sea, making for a perfect cocktail spot. Amazingly, IceBarcelona provides an alternative way to drink the night away and escape the Mediterranean heat.

IceBarcelona, Ramón Trías Fargas 2, Barcelona, Spain

Moonshiner, Paris

From the street, you may think you are in the wrong place when you arrive to find a small but very welcoming Italian pizzeria located near Bastille.! But if you venture inside, this place will definitely surprise you! Past the pizza oven and tables covered in candles where the songs of Frank Sinatra float through the air, and open a freezer door that takes you into the storeroom, you will eventually find the entrance to the sexy speakeasy known rather appropriately as Moonshiner. The secret locale is a gorgeous and expansive bar and lounge and has a separate smoking area, for everybody to enjoy themselves completely. Friendly bartenders are serving exceptional cocktails like the ‘Little Italy,' made with rye, vermouth, Carpano Antica formula, and Cynar. Cocktails might be the inspiration for you to come here, but you will leave with amazing memories! Don't miss it!

5 Rue Sedaine, Paris, France

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