Srebrenik - The Old Town

Srebrenik - The Old Town


Welcome to The Old Town of Srebrenik, or Srebrenik Fortress, that is first time mentioned in 1333, when the then Bosnian ruler Ban Stjepan Kotromanić signed a charter with the Dubrovnik Republic on "renting" of Ston, Peljesac and other parts of the Dubrovnik Republic.

The inaccessibility of the tower has resisted numerous armies. The old city is erected on a rock that rises from the surrounding terrain in the height of about 50 to 70 m. The upper plateau of the rock is uneven and split. The height difference between the lowest and the highest point on which the tower is located is about 13 m.

The tower of Srebrenik is one of the most preserved fortresses from the Middle Ages in Bosnia and Herzegovina and it was the home of the Bosnian bishop Stjepan Kotromanić until his death in 1353.


The Old Town of Srebrenik consists of three parts that are connected to each other with 4 towers and a diminishing castle. Donji Grad is an entrance square tower-gate with an auxiliary building and yard. From there, beside the rounded four-sided tower, the plateau with the barracks is located, from which, besides the square tower of the stone stairs to the gate of the Upper Town or the Srebrenik citadel. In the citadel there is a small castle, beside which the large round four-storey Donjon is located on the top of the rock above the entrance to the city tower gate.

The stone buildings of Gradina are extremely old, while the age of the walls cannot be determined precisely. Those who are brave and can climb to the highest tower will get a beautiful view of a fertile valley with no end. On the other side of the castle Gradina is an eternal traveler, Ozren mountain, and in the narrow embrace of the slopes of the Majevica stands a serene town of Srebrenik.


The walls of the city and the outer parts of the walls of all the towers and hollows, which together with the ramparts formed the city's protective cover, are about 1.5 meters thick, while all the other walls within the walls are thinner. The whole city was built in one stroke.

Regardless of the seasons, a trip to Gradin will surely be an unforgettable experience for all of you. If you are a hiker, then park your car in Srebrenik and walk about seven kilometers to the Old Town. Of course, for those who feel challenged by this, you can reach the fortress by car.

It is worth exiting the busy city into a mountain and forest area that is paved with asphalt to this shrub and rocks of the curved building. You can rest in a magnificent view over the panorama of Srebrenik, and for a moment, you'll forget. The space on the "tower" provides the possibility for both romantic and family trip. Indeed, the fortress, like a protector and a sultan, rises above Srebrenik and gives a wide view of the entire city and gives the viewer a sense of power.

An excursion to the Old Town of Srebrenik is a true pleasure in nature and in the cultural and historical beauties of Bosnia and Herzegovina.

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