Sarajevo: Experience it like a local


Like other European cities, Sarajevo is becoming more and more crowded as years pass by. Nobody likes to wait for a group of tourists taking hundreds of photos, only to cross the street, but it would still be nice to experience all that city offers – just like locals do. To do that, you need a few tricks and bits of advice from somebody who knows exactly what to do. If you’re planning your trip to this marvelous encounter of East and West that many call European Jerusalem, you probably need some bits of advice!

Stop surfing, you are in the right places! Nobody knows better than a local where to drink the best beer, eat delicious food, take a walk and at the same time have enough space to move around like a normal human being!

Either you visit Sarajevo fortresses or walk up to Trebević mountain, you will find something that will change you.

I wrote this article for Travelista club and only one link gets you to the perfect list with things that will help you to experience this city at its best!

Warning! I hope you like to eat and drink. :)


Open your heart to this city! It will show you its beautiful perks and leave you with some wonderful memories, I am sure of it!

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