Ljubljana in a day

Now far enough from its turbulent history, Ljubljana has become modern and urban metropolis and very popular touristic destination in Europe! Even though it's one of the smallest capitals in Europe it is very rich in cultural heritage. It's good to visit any time, but I personally recommend warmer days when the city is full of street performers, concerts and festivals!

Visit Slovenian capital and discover its magic and if you only have one day you can...

Start your day with a cup of coffee and morning walk! Go to the popular Cafe Čokl and enjoy tasty Slovenian yogurt, cheese and warm bread for breakfast. After that, with a happy tummy, visit Tivoli park, beautiful at any time of the year and it's very close to the city center. If you're really lucky you can walk on to the open-air exhibition in the center of the park, on the Jakopič trail.

When you're in Ljubljana, you must visit The Old Town. It's visited by more than a million tourists every year! Amazing architecture, beautiful bridges, traditional restaurants, old buildings, shops... The list is huge! Don't miss S. Nicholas Cathedral, baroque church dating from XIII century that is also in the city center!

Walk to Triple bridge, near City hall. This bridge is one of the symbols of the city and it connects historical and modern sides of Ljubljana. Cross the river and visit Prešern's square! Take photos in front of the statue of the greatest Slovenian poet ever!

If it's time for lunch, walk to Pogačarjev square where you can find a street market with freshly made food and creative menus! The beauty of Ljubljana is that you can go basically everywhere by walking, including the Dragon bridge and popular squat place, center of art culture!

Ljubljana also has its castle! It's right above the city and you can visit it by cable car or by feet, you decide! Both experiences have its perks!

If you're still not tired and in the mood for the great night out, Ljubljana has an answer to you! You can choose between Chill Out Bar, Pr'Skelet, Shooters Club, Captain's Cabin and so many other pubs and bars! Ljubljana was a great place to spend one February in my life!

It offers so much and you won't regret visiting it! Even for just one day!

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