Hiking in Bosnia can get complicated. I mean, not that our wonderful mountains are that hard to conquer but getting the information about safe trails and routes can get.. Well, interesting.

When we decided to climb Maglić, the highest top of Bosnia and Herzegovina, the hell of collecting the information had begun. After a completely useless internet search, I started stalking Facebook profiles of fellow hikers to get some clues. Writing FB status helped as always so I got some quality information about getting there. The thing is there are few options to reach Trnovačko lake which was our camping location and starting point to the mountaintop.

Among other possibilities of getting there, I will talk about the one we choose, the one when you're carless and you don't have much money to spend, if you ask me, the most adventurous one.

We took the early bus from East Sarajevo and bought the ticket to Tjentište, close to Sutjeska National Park. As instructed from our friends and some bad articles, we asked the driver to leave us at Suha, place close to Tjentište. He had no idea where that is. Really encouraging, if you ask me. He told us to find it on google maps and tell him to stop when we come there. Three hours after, he left us somewhere in the woods, with no station or anything else. Lucky for us, the driver was really nice. He stopped on the other side of the road, took our backpacks out and wished us a great weather!

That point was the beginning of the rocky road that led to Lake Valley, beautiful location just before Trnovačko lake. The couple was selling blueberries. We bought some and started our first big hiking journey. About 8-10 km was in front of us and our heavy backpacks. Also, a fear of bears was present but we survived. We climbed through Suha canyon, following the Suha's creek, cold and crystally clear. It has been a perfect refreshment during a hot day in July. We ate wild strawberries and sang happy songs. I need to be honest, this part of the trail is not that interesting. But, after you fight those initial six kilometers, you enter the wild forest and start to walk through high flowers, following the narrow trail, jumping on the rocks of the small singing creek and enjoy the song of the loud birdies. It smells like magic. It's uphill but not that much. The trail is soft and very nice for your feet. It felt like recovery after those rocks before.

Getting out from the woods is really magnificent. It's like you're leaving the dark cave and enter this light, mindblowing, blooming valley full of white rocks and the magical scent of the mountain. Yes, that's the moment when you realize you're on the mountain. On the peaceful, beautiful mountain and your adventure has just begun. We stood in wonder for some time, breathing in everything we got by coming there, restoring our energy.

We continued walking through high plants, hugging and smelling them. It took us an hour more to reach Trnovačko lake, magnificent, heart-shaped oasis at the root of Maglić mountain. There's a host mountain house where we drank tea and met with fellow hikers. We continue gathering information about our upcoming climb to the top of Maglić. Everything around us was insanely beautiful. Magical.

We set our tent and went for a sunset swim. All of my senses woke up! It is impossible to describe the feeling you get while entering the water of the mountain lake after the hard hiking day. I felt completely restored. And talking about the view... We concluded we're dreaming and are on the set of some great movie about the beauty of Canada. It was awesome ending of the great day! The adventure has started successfully! Maglić was so close but still so far away. We just couldn't wait to climb.

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