Chasing Holiday Spirit all around Zagreb


Holidays have always been my favorite part of the year. Shiny lights, cozy, and delicious cookies, what more could one ask for? All of that in one of the beautiful European cities that heartfully compete on how to make Holiday markets even more gorgeous. I mean, it's enough guys! They are already perfect.

As always, we decided to get the best for the price. Zagreb has been praised for its amazing holiday spirit for years now, it is close and not that expensive. It was an obvious choice!

And we didn't make a mistake. This city's effort for creating a magical  Christmassy atmosphere would convert Grinch to holidays loving. Zagreb has been transformed into a shiny bubble, with the sweet mulled wine smell and delicious sausage taste... Not to mention Croatian fritters (fritule), covered in chocolate topping... Seriously, don't expect to gain some while spending Christmas in Zagreb.


Finding a cozy and warm place for your December trip is crucial! You certainly don't want to freeze. So, we took an Airbnb place, the best you get for the price you decide to spend. Choosing for two to four guests in Zagreb really offers you a wide selection. This one is really close to the center, it's like 7-8 minutes from the main square. A beautiful basement studio that fulfilled all our needs. It has a beautiful window view to the garden, makes you feel like you have your private park.

Large bed, full functioning kitchen, and a working heating system bought our sympathy. I believe, our host Azra would create a great atmosphere for you too. Here is the link to the place. Don't forget to use my invitation link to start your Airbnb journey!


Since we stayed really short, we've just picked two museums to visit and spent the rest of the time wandering around, admiring the architecture and discovering small treasures of Zagreb. We went to the Museum of Illusions and Museum of broken relationships, both amazing and interesting in its own way. While enjoying taking cool photos, we also spent some time trying to solve crazy puzzles. Museum of Illusions is really interactive, puts you on to thinking which is always great!

Another one is completely amazing in its own way! So many interesting stories. I felt like I've traveled through so many lives and met so many, unfortunately mostly sad, stories. I recommend definitely!
Both museums ticket price is around 5 euros/ 40 KN.

Upper Town

While walking from one museum to another we, unconsciously, found our way through Tunnel Grič, pedestrian tunnel under the historic part of Zagreb called Grič/Gradec/Uooer Town. The tunnel has been transformed to Museum of Realm, raising awareness of the foster care. Leaving the tunnel and taking some colorful stairs, we ended in the old part of the city.

Believe me, everything is so nicely restored that you suddenly get a feeling of entering another century. This part is one of the Advent/Christmass market locations. With the place giving you the best view of the city, you just have to take some mulled wine and just enjoy.

While you stroll down to the city, you just discovered that it never ends... More and more details, small stages and delicious food coming your way. Your next host is Tkalčićeva street, filled with great cafes and pastry shops, and also the home of my favorite beer, brewed in Medvedgrad brewery.

Seriously, it's just getting better and better. For finishing your night, I offer two scenarios, very similar though. Either on The Ban Jelačić square, enjoying wine and white lights or continuing to the wonderful park Zrinjevac, finding a table around a gazebo and enjoy live music of the young Croatian artist. It can be overwhelming, I must admit, but three days of strolling around Zagreb, chasing and discovering more and more beautiful Advent location is the amazing way to season your holidays!



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