Best New Year's deals from Bosnian airports

Choose the best place to spend New Year's Eve!

Even though the weather is like it's the first of May, the winter holidays are coming soon and it's the perfect time to plan a perfect getaway.  I believe there is no better way to start a year than on the trip, enjoying cocktails with your significant one or a bunch of friends!

Those of you who already planned a trip or you like to do it completely spontaneously can skip the article because this will continue as an adviser for a low budget New Year's Eve trip that you can buy and most importantly afford right now. Ticket prices change all the time and it's very important to be persuasive and buy yours right away!

Bosnians are slowly becoming aware of low budget traveling since we now have three airports that are operated by low budget air companies – Sarajevo, Tuzla, and Banja Luka Airport. From Sarajevo and Tuzla, you can use Wizz Air and from Banja Luka, always very cheap, Ryan Air. That means weekend traveling has become very popular in our country.

So, let's start with the Sarajevo airport! A half hour shuttle bus from the city center will take you to Sarajevo airport for only 5 KM from where you can choose different airlines to almost everywhere in Europe and more, depending on your budget. But what is more important, there is a 45min flight to the center of Europe, beautiful capital by Danube river – Budapest! Budapest is one of those cities with a great nightlife that will give you amazing opportunities for a great New Year's party!

Travel on 31st of December and come back on 4th of January for only 70 euros with Wizz Discount Club, even cheaper if you go on 28th of December!

Tuzla offers a lot more options than Sarajevo! Bunch of the cities in Germany and Sweden, Basel, Vienna, Billund or find your way to Amsterdam via Eindhoven!

To travel to Vienna on 27th of December and come back either 1st or the 3rd of January, you will spend only 40 euros with Wizz Air Discount Club!

A trip to Basel – Switzerland will also cost you 70euros if you travel from 27th to 3rd! Not so bad, considering it's holiday season when everything becomes really expensive!

And finally, if Banja Luka is your closest city, you have the opportunity to visit amazingly beautiful Brussels for only 20 euros both ways, if you choose good dates and 70 euros if you want to spend New year in the capital of Sweden!

So, pack smartly using your everyday backpack and pay nothing for your luggage transport! Open Airbnb page and find a cheap and cozy room somewhere in Europe and don't come back without 'I had the time of my life!', at least!

Good luck!

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Best New Year's deals from Bosnian airports