A night out in Budapest

As the fresh breeze from Danube river was touching our skin, we spent a late afternoon admiring grand Hungarian Parliament building. Budapest, an easy city to navigate, with the river at its heart, soaks you in its classic beauty touched by modern but not so hectic lifestyle of people from numerous cultural backgrounds who found their nest in there. Cross any of the bridges to the West, you will find yourself climbing to Buda, leafy hills rich in natural hot springs and crowned by the wonderful palace with the stunning view to the scene-stealing gothic parliament building across the river. Behind it, there's Pest, the eastern part, with its attractive boulevards and Jewish quarter which has seen a drinking scene develop around dilapidated courtyards beautified with eclectic art and flea market furniture. There is a lot to experience in the colorful Budapest, but Summer night embraced with adventures that this city inspires will definitely be the most amazing memory to this spectacular heart of Europe.

Here are bits of recommendations!


Elisabeth square

This place is a favorite entertaining location for young people in Budapest. Watched over by the glorious Budapest eye, this beautiful park gathers people from around 3 pm till the next morning. This place is like a magnet for tourists but not in a bad way. Everybody gets here with a few beers, a guitar on any other random musical instrument. People are jamming, drinking and enjoying themselves! This is a meeting point and if somebody you know is in Budapest at the moment, you will find them there!

Under the ground is one of the biggest nightclubs in Budapest – Akvarium bar which makes it convenient if you want to continue your night dancing your soul out!

Also, the Jewish quarter and its iconic ruin pubs are very close to this place.


Szimpla Kert

This place is the pioneer of Budapest ruin pubs. It is truly a cult place, always giving new trends. This one is undoubtedly the best-known ruin pub among the locals and the tourists, as well. A few brave guys started “little” Szimpla in 2001, without the slightest thought of what it will become for the city! They found a dodgy old building before it will be demolished, gather all kinds of used gadgets and colorful odds and used them as furniture and decoration and began to serve good drinks! That’s all. Recycling at its finest. And they’ve never stopped. Szimpla changes its appearance all the time. If you go there two times in a row, you will find something new. In 2004, the bar moved to Kazinczy street, into an old, almost ruined building, with just a small bar, a hidden ping-pong room, and an open-air cinema in the garden. Then it started to grow and became more and more eclectic and colorful, offered more and more cultural events, gigs, and workshops. Every room in this building has its own theme. You can choose between cocktails, wine or draft beer just like with the music you prefer In the past few years, it became the biggest and best-known ruin bar, popular among tourists, but without losing its unique atmosphere and friendliness.

Akvarium Club

To finish the great night with probably some new friends you've met on Elisabeth Square or in Szimpla Kert, you need what else than the perfect club! In this case, the best and the most recommended thing to do is to go back to Elisabeth square, grab a kebab on your way and enter the great Akvarium club! The biggest and most visited club in Budapest! The water that is perfect for drinking by during the day at night becomes a roof for this amazing club!

Modern music, huge dancefloors, and water above your head will make you feel like you are literally in a musical aquarium, having the night of your life!


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