Hello, guys! 

My name is Samra and I am a wanderer with the soul of a healer! I loooove to travel and I would like to share my experiences and give bits of advice for discovering Europe and of course my homeland, Bosnia and Herzegovina, full of secret and untouched treasures!

I love conquering the mountain peaks, photographing architecture, sitting on the airport floors, swimming in the rivers, camping by the lakes, hitchhiking through B&H, making fire and admiring fireworks! I am a Dandelion, child of Sun and Summer!

I love delicious food and I am not peaky at all! :) Eating in nature is my gig! 

And sharing all of this and a little bit of that with my friends is best of all! Never tried traveling alone... Never left Europe... Never a lot of things. Let's change that. Step by step.

Join me on my journey and I will become a better writer, better traveler, with much more interesting stories and more colorful photos!